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Yeshiva Learning for Anyone, Anywhere

Yeshiva Learning for Anyone, Anywhere

Shesulim Learning Chaburah - Many Ways To Get Involved

Shesulim is an online chaburah led by R’ Aryeh Leib Paretzky a Rosh Chaburah from Beis Medrash Govoha. You can learn more about Shesulim, or get involved and help spread the word.

There are multiple ways to get involved and help people bring Yeshiva into their homes. 

Starting מסכת נדרים soon!

בעזהי”ת we will be starting the new limud for the duration of the Summer and Elul.

To join or learn more:

About Shesulim Chaburah

About Shesulim Chaburah

Shesulim is an innovative new learning program that was launched during Coronavirus in BMG. This online chaburah allows people to prepare for the chaburah with their chavrusa on their own schedule, using clear and organized maareh mekomos. This learning style delves deeply into the sugya, with yeshiva-style learning.

The Rosh Chaburah is active and involved, answering questions for participants and available to talk in learning with chaburah members. This is an innovative new way to conduct learning, bringing the Yeshiva directly into your home. Gain the benefits of being in a chaburah but from anywhere.

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Email Shesulim using the form on this page, or call R’ Dovy Zucker to join or for more information:

Alternatively, or additionally, you can download a Shesulim flier to hang in your shul or beis medrash, which will help get the word out further.

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Shesulim is Yeshiva Learning for Anyone, Anywhere

About Shesulim - The Virtual Chaburah

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Download the Shesulim Flier

Easily download the Shesulim flier in PDF format so you can hang the poster in your shul. You have a choice of the 11×17 file or the 8.5×11 file.

JPG (for status)

11x17 PDF

8.5x11 PDF

Printing information: Both files are slightly bigger so you can print to the edges (called bleed). But if necessary you can print on your home printer with a plain white border, by selecting “shrink to fit” or a similar option.

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